Thursday, 26 May 2016

Types of Freelance Online Writing Job

There are many types of freelance job on online writing. What type of freelance online writing job you will engage in will depend basically on two considerations: your writing forte and of course, the amount of time you are willing to devote to the job.
The following is a list of the different freelance online writing job available and their specific job description and demands:
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting- The Internet has become one big business. Companies have already grabbed this medium for their advertising and marketing needs in order to reach a wider market and are constantly scouting for those who want to work for their freelance online writing job positions. In order to grab the attention of those who are logged online, companies have used SEO to promote their products. Examples of this include submitting websites to directories, increasing keyword usage, link exchange requests and better meta tags.
2. Online editing jobs- Writers with vast experience in editing would like to try out as an online editor. This is quite an easy type of freelance online writing job with two options: either work as an editor for website companies to improve the quality of their contents or as an editor for academic writing assistance websites to check the essays and dissertations of students.
3. Data Entry- For those on the lookout for freelance online writing job, data entry is becoming a popular option. Many website owners demand basic data entry work. The only requirements for this type of job include a fast typing speed and the appropriate data entry software. One has to be wary though as there are many scams out there. Usually, this type of job entails a daily fixed amount of time.
4. Web content writer- Almost every company has its own website. In fact, a website has become a vital component of the marketing and advertising strategies of businesses. Website owners usually hire freelancers to write content for their websites- from the company profile to product information to the latest promos. Every transaction is done online.
5. Contribution to e-magazines- Another lucrative and rewarding freelance online writing job is to become a contributor to the numerous e-magazines. Not only do you get to see your byline online, but you get paid as well.
6. Writing for discussion boards- This type of freelance online writing job is ideal for those who are highly creative and have the knack of engaging others to a conversation.

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